#008 – Stuck: Emotional Health by Unthawing Frozen Emotions and Moving Forward with Traction [Podcast]

Ever feel stuck in life?  Perhaps you might feel that you have no traction in your life, that you are just spinning your wheels.  Or perhaps you see negative emotions which dominate your life, and quickly react to the smallest of incidents.


Ever feel stuck in life?

In this episode of First Things, we dive into the issue of feeling stuck.  I talk about one of my 5 most amazing revelations in life that has helped me unthaw frozen, stuck emotions.

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Baby Steps: Dream Big, Step Small for Amazing Productivity

Babies are very interesting to watch.  Especially as they begin to walk.  Small steps … baby steps in the midst of constant failure.  I find it funny that as we grow older, we forget some of the most fundamental lessons we learned growing up … like walking.

baby steps

Baby steps are the key to ultimate success

Let’s briefly review how to help encourage a baby to walk, and see how some of the same principles can apply to us in our lives.

#007 – Multitasking: The Myth of Multitasking … Or Is It? [Podcast]

Multitasking … this can be a very controversial topic to some.  There seems to be countless research debunking the practice.  Do a search on the myth of multitasking and you will see what I mean.

Is multitasking really a myth?

Is multitasking really a myth?

But, there seems to be a big contradiction … because we can drive and listen to music at the same time, or cook dinner and talk on the phone. So how can we explain this contradiction?

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Happiness: A Definition of Happiness

Happiness quotes are one of the most popular searches online today.  Yet, happiness seems like such an elusive term for many. How can we define happiness?

Unlocking Happiness in our Lives

Defining Happiness is the Key to Unlocking Our Lives

I can understand the frustration many have.  At times, happiness seems so subjective.  For one person, it may be bubble baths and chocolate.  For another person, happiness is about relationships and good movies.  Yet, I feel that there are underlying themes to happiness for all … if we just have the same starting definition.

#006 – A Happiness Project & Prescription: 10 Steps Toward Greater Joy and Passion [Podcast]

Need a happiness project? Or a prescription for happiness? Looking to understand what happiness even means? Or more importantly how you can actualize a happiness project in your life?

Your Ultimate Happiness Project & Prescription

Your Ultimate Happiness Project … Your Prescription for Happiness

In this podcast, I speak on the topic of happiness.  A “happiness project” to give you ways to see your life differently.  Hopefully it will be like a prescription to bring you greater passion, productivity, and emotional health to your life. This is your very own happiness project!

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#005 – Unleashing the Lion in Your Brain: More Efficient Ways to Study and Learn [Podcast]

In a recent blog post, I detailed some steps that people can take to take their learning and studying to the next level. It generated some interest, so I thought this would make for a good podcast as well.


If you are attempting to learn something new, or have children in school, I believe the tips you will learn in this podcast (based on modern research) will help you take learning to the next level.

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Technology Obsessed: Lessons from the Past to Regain Productivity from Technology that Enslaves

In this article, I wish to talk about our technology obsessed world.  I was recently with a friend shopping in Uncommon Objects in downtown Austin. We ran across an old stereo receiver, a by-gone of an 80’s generation, and my friend said, “Gee, Brandon, you probably already own this don’t you?!”


I did laugh … but it got me thinking about the world before technology and today’s world. In particular, how the very technology meant to “free” our lives actually enslaves us.