#92 – The 4-hour Workday (Rest Pt 3) [Podcast]

This week we are looking into how we can create room for rest in our lives. This study is inspired by the great book Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. Be sure to pick up the book and get into deeper study!

4-hour Workdays … the Importance of Routines.

This week, we talk about the ways that you can create “space” in your life for rest. Did you know that research indicates that you only have a capability of 2-4 hours of intense work each day? How can we use this information to not only improve our work but incorporate rest into our lives?

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For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

“The 4-hour Workday” Show Notes

In this episode, you will—

  • Hear how 2-4 hours of intense work are all we are capable of on a given day.
  • Discover the importance of morning routines to at least double productivity.
  • Understand why the “stop” is crucial for our best work and rest.
  • Be offered a free worksheet/guide on the topic of this month.
  • Hear a preview of what will be covered in future weeks.

For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

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