#95 – Deep Work Intro (Deep Work Pt 1)

This week we begin a brand new study on Deep Work. This study is inspired by the great book Deep Work by Cal Newport. Be sure to pick up the book and get into deeper study!

Deep Work

This week, we hear an interview with Cal Newport as he discusses the main ideas behind the book. You will hear an overview of the entire study we will be covering in detail over the next week. You will also hear about the things that distract Cal from Deep Work!

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For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

“Deep Work Intro” Show Notes

In this episode, you will—

  • Hear about our new study over Deep Work!
  • Discover why Cal Newport wrote this book.
  • Discover the importance concepts of Deep work.
  • Learn what Cal does to deal with distractions.
  • Be offered a free worksheet/guide on the topic of this month.
  • Hear a preview of what will be covered in future weeks.

For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

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