#97 – Rule 1: Work Deeply (Deep Work Pt 3)

This week we look into the first rule of Deep Work … Working Deeply. This study is inspired by the great book Deep Work by Cal Newport. Be sure to pick up the book and get into deeper study!

Working Deeply …

This week, we look into Rule 1 of Deep Work … how to approach and implement Deep Work. We will look at four approaches to deep work, and I discuss why one of them is most likely the preferred method for most people.

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For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

“Rule 1: Working Deeply” Show Notes

In this episode, you will—

  • Learn about the 4 approaches to Deep Work:
    • Monastic
    • Bi-modal
    • Rhythmic
    • Journalistic
  • Discover why I think an emphasis on Rhythmic (with occasional Journalistic) is the best approach for most people
  • Hear about strategies you want to put into place when doing Deep Work
  • Learn the importance of measuring Deep Work, and how your output isn’t the best way to measure it
  • Be offered a free worksheet/guide on the topic of this month.
  • Hear a preview of what will be covered in future weeks.

For a free worksheet/guide on this study, please click here.

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