Baby Steps: Dream Big, Step Small for Amazing Productivity

Babies are very interesting to watch.  Especially as they begin to walk.  Small steps … baby steps in the midst of constant failure.  I find it funny that as we grow older, we forget some of the most fundamental lessons we learned growing up … like walking.

baby steps

Baby steps are the key to ultimate success

Let’s briefly review how to help encourage a baby to walk, and see how some of the same principles can apply to us in our lives.

Happiness: A Definition of Happiness

Happiness quotes are one of the most popular searches online today.  Yet, happiness seems like such an elusive term for many. How can we define happiness?

Unlocking Happiness in our Lives

Defining Happiness is the Key to Unlocking Our Lives

I can understand the frustration many have.  At times, happiness seems so subjective.  For one person, it may be bubble baths and chocolate.  For another person, happiness is about relationships and good movies.  Yet, I feel that there are underlying themes to happiness for all … if we just have the same starting definition.

Technology Obsessed: Lessons from the Past to Regain Productivity from Technology that Enslaves

In this article, I wish to talk about our technology obsessed world.  I was recently with a friend shopping in Uncommon Objects in downtown Austin. We ran across an old stereo receiver, a by-gone of an 80’s generation, and my friend said, “Gee, Brandon, you probably already own this don’t you?!”


I did laugh … but it got me thinking about the world before technology and today’s world. In particular, how the very technology meant to “free” our lives actually enslaves us.

Strategies & Tips for More Efficient Studying

Are you attempting to learn something new?  Want to help your children learn better practices for learning?


In this article, I want to share with you six tips for more efficient studying and learning. This can apply to your children, as well as your job. If you are attempting to learn something new, this article will give some tips to better enable that process.  If you know of someone learning something, pass along these tips to them.

BE – Learning to Live in the NOW Versus the Past/Future

How can we live in the NOW? We live in a world that is never content.  It is a world that shoves before us a message of “should” and “ought.”  But we will never live a productive life … a healthy life … as long as we “should” on ourselves.

beWhy do we find it so hard to just BE.  We are not meant to be Human DOings … but Human BEings.  In this post, I want to give 5 things you can implement to start BEing.

I find in my life that I can focus a lot on things I am not.  As though I were.  And the things I am, I forget.  Majoring on minors.  But I am determined to not accept labels of myself any longer.  To not limit myself, nor base my identity on my performance.

How about you?

Welcome to First Things!

Welcome to First Things!  In this blog, I want to lay out more of the vision behind this website and podcast.


People today are under a great deal of stress.  And so many times, we are pushed to just be more dedicated … to cram more things on our “To Do List.”  Even technology, which was proposed to free our lives, seems to enslave us.  This blog is here to share with you strategies that DO work, strategies based on modern research.