#018 – The Now Habit Pt 1: Defining Procrastination [Podcast]

Defining procrastination properly is a vital step to overcome it.  Procrastination is a habit you develop to cope with anxiety about starting or completing a task. … tasks that are boring or overwhelming.

defining procrastination

defining procrastination

We begin a multi-week study on procrastination, inspired by The Now Habit by Neil Fiore.  Your first step toward breaking the procrastination habit and becoming a producer involves redefining procrastination and coming to a new understanding of how and why we use it. Procrastination is not the cause of our problems with accomplishing tasks; it is an attempt to resolve a variety of underlying issues, including low self-esteem, perfectionism, fear of failure and of success, indecisiveness, an imbalance between work and play, ineffective goal-setting, and negative concepts about work and yourself.

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“Defining Procrastination” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • The symptoms of procrastination
  • The REAL reason we procrastinate
  • Why labels fail us
  • A new definition for procrastination
  • 10 powerful tools we will use to deal with procrastination

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11 thoughts on “#018 – The Now Habit Pt 1: Defining Procrastination [Podcast]

  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout! And what a great topic to dive into in detail. Procrastination is something that really fascinates me. As you said, the etymology of the word gives the meaning of “put off as belonging to tomorrow.” But when we talk about procrastination, we mean reactive procrastination (“I don’t feel like it right now”) as opposed to proactive procrastination (“I know I can do it during my break tomorrow, so I’ll schedule it then”).

    I think your assessment of the habit as a natural tactic for dealing with something stressful or boring is right on. I frequently put things off because I don’t feel like I’m in the right frame of mind at the moment. But then I really have to ask myself: How do I know what that frame of mind is, and how do I know that I’ll ever really be there some day? I don’t really have a solid answer for this question. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more in this series.

  2. Hi Brandon! Thanks from Sweden for your great podcast! I especially enjoy that you bring the question “Is this true?” to the subjects, instead of presenting yourself as an authority that “just knows” (like the authors of most of the self help books that I’ve read).

    Anyway, I was wondering, do you have any sort of cheat sheet for the procastination series? I’ve bought the Niels book, and it’s fine, but I prefer your take on it.

    Either way, thanks once again for the great content!