#021 – How to Talk to Yourself (The Now Habit Pt 4) [Podcast]

We continue our discussion on procrastination by discussing the issue of how to talk to yourself. Want to know what a person really believes and feels? Listen to what they talk about. Our speech reveals our deepest beliefs. Can we use this to our advantage to overcome procrastination?

How to Talk to Yourself

How to Talk to Yourself

In short … YES.  But, it isn’t an easy path or journey. It requires careful analysis of what we actually are telling ourselves, and diligence to replace those thoughts with ones that push us toward our potential. In this episode, we dig deep into overcoming a victim mentality and establishing a producer-mentality in our lives.

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“How to Talk to Yourself” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Listener feedback
  • Review of the previous episode
  • Why what we say matters
  • The stressful “have to’s”
  • The depressing “should’s”
  • The THIRD reaction to life … CHOICE
  • A practical example: Getting gas for the car
  • 5 statements that fuel procrastination … and what thoughts are good to replace them with

“How We Procrastinate” Episode Resources

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3 thoughts on “#021 – How to Talk to Yourself (The Now Habit Pt 4) [Podcast]

  1. The video,” “Tales of Mere Existence” was too funny and right on topic.

    Replacing “have to” and “should” with “I chose” is valuable and a great reminder. The five statements and the substituted phrase help navigate a course correction.

    For the beginning of the New Year, I like how you ended this podcast on a positive note. We should strive to find pockets of sunshine in the dark stormy sky and use “our eyes to see”. This does make a difference but can be hard some days.

    Though this does go down the “rabbit-hole” (some), the movie “What the Bleep” starting in section 10 and toward the end of 12, discusses how we can re-wire our thinking. With practice and mental baby steps a huge positive change can occur outwardly and physically.

    Congratulations, on your announcement to write, record, and post your music within the next 90 days. I’ve been wondering why you haven’t added music clips to some of these sessions. I can’t wait to hear your clips. Thanks for sharing your START and relaying the 2014 call to action: “Don’t Should on Yourself” and “Re-Create!”

    • Thanks dCote! I’m not sure how much of this I actually planned (for end of the year), but it was amazing how it ended that way. Apologies for such a long delay in my responses here. I got sick over the holiday, and it has taken me these weeks to regain my momentum. You are always suggesting great resources! Please continue to do so. I will check out this “What the Bleep” because it sounds fascinating. And yes, I hope to play some of my music, possibly in March and April. I’ll probably stick it at the end of the show for anyone who wants to stick around and listen to it. Thanks!

  2. I was in the middle of listening to your Essentialism series since I’m reading the book, but this Podcast on talking to yourself is my favorite so far. It’s far more important than I ever realized to change the self talk. I’ve been paying attention to the “should” and “have to” and I’m taking it day by day….so very helpful. Thank you!