#020 – How We Procrastinate (The Now Habit Pt 3) [Podcast]

We discuss the issue of how we procrastinate. By identifying the source of our problem, we were able to break the big job of “getting organized” into less threatening, bite-sized pieces. With the Now Habit tools, we are able to replace self-criticism, become productive, and have fun in life.

How we procrastinate

How we procrastinate

Many of us use our performance as “mirrors”.  Instead of them being an expression of who we are … an expression of our creativity … they become something we use to measure our worth. This is the fuel for procrastination. In this episode, we talk about the various ways we procrastinate.

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“How We Procrastinate” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Review of last week
  • An exercise to see how you spend time
  • A procrastination log
  • An analogy of procrastination
  • 5 stages of procrastination
  • Safety nets in our lives
  • Homework

“How We Procrastinate” Episode Resources

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4 thoughts on “#020 – How We Procrastinate (The Now Habit Pt 3) [Podcast]

  1. Hi Brandon. My name is Atul and I have been regularly listening to your podcasts for more than a month now. I have to say that you have been a true inspiration in lifting up my spirits and offering some of the best advice that has enriched my life. I can definitely relate to this procrastination podcast as well as the last one, as the fear of not achieving perfection has kept me from working towards certain goals. My attitude and outlook on life has changed as I have become more confident after listening to your advice and I don’t let myself get caught up with stinkin thinking as you mentioned in one of your earlier podcasts. Thank you very much! Please keep posting!

  2. Keeping the procrastination log is a helpful maintenance check-up. The first four areas: Date & Time, Activity, Priority, Thoughts & Feelings were basically easy compared to having to write out the last three areas: Justification (for delay); Attempted solution (to prevent procrastinating); and Result. Can I do that tomorrow?

    I especially liked the “Walk the Plank” analogies. I agree, creating fires (a worse scenario) to combat procrastination is not the right way to go; but for me, it’s essentially the trigger that seems to create the most movement, at times. However, it’s movement that isn’t sustainable or healthy. Repetition through “fire” becomes a self-fulfilling quick fix antidote but absolutely refuels procrastination tendencies.

    I thought of this podcast and the importance of the understanding the psychology of procrastination while watching Discovery Channel’s “Dude, You’re Screwed.” The episodes featuring John Hudson & Matt Graham really touch on the importance of the psychology of surviving. Though skill, knowledge and ability are of utmost importance in surviving it appears these pro-players psychological mindset sets them apart to almost mentally (not physically) thrive in their particular situations.

    Another great episode on working through this…