#011 – Listener Feedback: Tools, Corn, and ADHD [Podcast]

In this episode, I want to thank all my listeners by covering some feedback I’ve gotten over the last few weeks.

Listener Feedback

Listener Feedback

In particular, I want to cover some of the tools I use that help me, some things about corn (it will make more sense once you listen!), and my thoughts on ADHD.

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“Listener Feedback” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Tools that work for me
  • User Feedback

“Listener Feedback” Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:

Example of Quadrant Planning Using Sticky Notes:



Quadrant Planning in a Calendar program (Mac):


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2 thoughts on “#011 – Listener Feedback: Tools, Corn, and ADHD [Podcast]

  1. Great show, your wife has my vote for Android/PC combo. Personally I use a program called Chaos Control on my android phone which is a GTD style system, but even that can be daunting at times. I find myself reverting back to pen and paper a lot! What I have started doing is writing down everything that I get done no matter how small and mundane. This helps my mental health, instead of focusing on a to-do list that can be huge at times I find it very gratifying to see a list of things I have accomplished. The other thing that I “try” to do is RPM (Tony Robbins System). R result P purpose M massive action plan. What is the result that I want. What is the purpose? Massive Action Plan. I then break up the action plan into smaller more manageable chunks that I can then go back and measure the progress I am making. It is the resistance that gets me. I am constantly pulled to “The Dark Side” and sometimes find it hard to bring my focus back, so I have tried jotting these diversions down when I start to think about them and it seems to help mentally to know I have taken note and will not lose that thought but it is no longer clouding my focus. It is an on going process for me. Keep fighting the good fight and great work on the podcast.

    • Blaine,

      Love what you share here. Even more so than the specific techniques (which is very cool), I love how you exhibit what I mentioned about experimenting. Too often, I think people forget that everything … everything … needs tweaking to be actionable for a specific person. Also, it is funny that some of the “old fashioned” ways of doing this can be quite freeing as well as simple.

      Thanks for sharing!