#059 – Play (Essentialism Pt 9) [Podcast]

Many of us have been lied to.  We were told that play is trivial. That it is a waste of time …unnecessary … childish. And this is further from the truth.



Play is essential in many ways. Stuart Brown, the founder of the National Institute for Play, has studied over six thousand individuals and has concluded that play has the power to significantly improve everything from personal health to relationships to education to organizations’ ability to innovate. “Play,” he says, “leads to brain plasticity, adaptability, and creativity.” As he succinctly puts it, “Nothing fires up the brain like play.”

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4 thoughts on “#059 – Play (Essentialism Pt 9) [Podcast]

  1. This is a good one. People forget about play…they think the way to get better is work all the time. I love the scientific background on why play is important.

      • Brandon, I make it a priority and put it in my schedule. If it gets neglected, I get grumpy. I see this so often these days with adults making their kid’s play (sports) take over their own lives and not taking any time to “play” for themselves.

  2. I work in my college’s health center–and I can say that I am lucky enough to have bosses that encourage us to take care of our stress levels and take the day if we need it (especially when it comes to getting school stuff done or avoiding being overworked). “We wouldn’t be much of a health or wellness center if we stressed out our student employees–and told everyone else to be stress-free. Go on vacation or do something fun! Don’t answer emails over the weekend!”

    Loved this episode as well! Thanks, Brandon!