#035 – Replace Your Thoughts (Assertiveness Pt 6) [Podcast]

Now that we have covered stinking thinking that prevents us from establishing assertive styles of communication, how can you replace your thoughts with beliefs that push you toward assertiveness?

Replace Your Thoughts

Replace Your Thoughts

In a previous episode, we talked about the overall aspects of Stinking Thinking.  Last week, we talked about how this applies to assertiveness.  Now, what types of beliefs and thoughts actually encourage us toward assertiveness?  And how do you replace your thoughts anyway?

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“Replace Your Thoughts” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Review of last week
  • Some of my friend Torre’s thoughts
  • You are in charge of your behavior; others are in charge of their behavior
  • I decide for myself what I will and will not do
  • I am my own judge
  • I do not have to justify myself to others
  • Others do not have to justify themselves to me
  • People can ask me anything they want
  • My life is my own, and I can turn down requests made by others if I wish
  • People change their minds
  • Everyone makes mistakes; this doesn’t give control of their lives to others
  • I don’t have to be logical, nor do others
  • I have the right to be alone
  • I don’t know everything, and I don’t have to
  • I have my opinions and convictions, and others have theirs
  • I have the right to protest unfair treatment or criticism
  • I have the right to ask for help or emotional support
  • Others can give advice, but they don’t make my decisions
  • I am not responsible for other people’s problems
  • Others are not responsible for solving my problems
  • Direct is usually better

“Replace Your Thoughts” Episode Resources

Creative Live course on The Power of Body Language

Resources on Assertiveness:


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