#016 – Seeing Your Life as a Journey [Podcast]

We normally look at life as a series of crises.  But to see your life as a journey could be a catalyst for breakthrough productivity.  Your NOW moment is the ARENA to know your potential and happiness.


In all the roads of your life, in all the pathways you find yourself walking on … not crises, journeys.  And when I saw that, it was the most liberating experience, to be able to revamp my understanding of life.  It’s not a series of crises.  It’s not a series of interruptions.  It’s journeys.  And if I can understand my journeys, and what is going on, and why I’m on the journey, then I can enter into a peace and flow in life that I say, again, is liberating.

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“Life as a Journey” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • A series of crises … or a journey?
  • Examples of journeys from our lives
  • My equation for happiness based on journeys
  • I am here to be seen … I see you …
  • Living in the NOW
  • Luxuriating in life
  • Stuck at the airport
  • Ending your dreams with a comma, not a period
  • 7 Action Steps for Living Life as a Journey
      1. Don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday
      2. Quit thinking about it so much
      3. Eat your raisins
      4. For one day, lose your watch (and smartphone)
      5. Know that you don’t know
      6. Make your success measures smaller
      7. Schedule your play time


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2 thoughts on “#016 – Seeing Your Life as a Journey [Podcast]

  1. I really loved this episode, so I’ve listened to it 3 times, and the 3rd time, I decided to take notes –I guess because my memory isn’t so great, and I thought if I take notes, there’ll be less chance of me forgetting an important point, as I could quickly skim through them to review it in the future if I feel the need to. From this podcast, I’m especially glad that I took notes on the 7 action steps you went over because in the future, when I review my notes, I can be like, “Oh, I’ve been forgetting to do that step, so now I can start trying to do it,” …but as I was taking notes on the parts I thought were important or that I’d want to make sure I remember in the future, I found that I was almost trying to type everything you’re saying, so that’s a lot of notes, and me being as meticulous as I am, I was pausing your lecture and rewinding very frequently to make sure I didn’t miss typing anything that I thought was important, so then I thought that people who are like me would pay money to have transcripts of your podcasts, …although I don’t know how many people are like me, but I think it’d be awesome if you did provide transcripts because then I’d just listen to the podcasts without worrying about taking notes, and therefore I can enjoy it without interruption, and whenever I think I need a quick review of it, I could just skim the transcript of it, …or even right after listening to a podcast, I feel it helps to skim my notes to see everything typed down on a few pages; it makes absorbing all of it easier, …so I’m just saying that you may want to consider giving us fans the option to buy transcripts of your podcasts, and then you’d profit too hehe ;D I can imagine you having a link under each podcast on your website to buy the transcript of it and then we could just enter our credit card info and instantly download it, although you’d have to get a web designer or figure out how to make it so that those online transactions would be secure, etc.

    Oh, I didn’t realize until after copying and pasting my whole comment into here that you do provide “show notes,” …but I would still buy a transcript, but that’s just a suggestion hehe.

    The first time I listened to this episode, that day, I received a little book in the mail from my mom. I wasn’t expecting it at all, so I just opened it up to see what it was about, and the page that I had randomly opened the book to showed the chapter title “Mindful Living,” and then I skimmed a bit of it, and I was like, “Whoa, the podcast episode I just listened to talked about this!” It felt like fate was trying to hammer it in me.

    Pardon me, but I just feel like showing it to you, or maybe some of your other fans might think it’s interesting to read, after listening to your podcast. This is from The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh (2012); (Thich Nhat Hanh was a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, so that’s why it may sound a bit different):

    “Mindful Living:

    When you eat your breakfast, even if it is just a small bite early in the morning, eat it in such a way that freedom is possible. While eating breakfast, don’t think of the future, of what you are going to do. Your practice is to simply eat breakfast. Your breakfast is there for you; you have to be there for your breakfast. You can chew each morsel of food with joy and freedom.

    When I hold a piece of bread, I look at it, and sometimes I smile at it. The piece of bread is an ambassador of the cosmos offering nourishment and support. Looking deeply into the piece of bread, I see the sunshine, the clouds, the great earth. Without the sunshine, no wheat can grow. Without the clouds, there is no rain for the wheat to grow. Without the great earth, nothing can grow. That is why the piece of bread that I hold in my hand is a wonder of life. It is there for all of us. We have to be there for it.

    Eat with gratitude. And when you put the piece of bread into your mouth, chew only your bread and not your projects, worries, fears, or anger. This is the practice of mindfulness. You chew mindfully and you know that you are chewing the bread, the wonderful nourishment of life. This brings you freedom and joy. Eat every morsel of your breakfast like that, not allowing yourself to be carried away from the experience of eating. This is a training.

    When you brush your teeth, how much time can you afford for brushing your teeth? At least one minute, maybe two? Brush your teeth in such a way that freedom and joy are possible, not allowing yourself to be carried away by concerns about what you will do after you are done. “I am standing here, brushing my teeth. I still have teeth to brush. I have toothpaste and a toothbrush. And my practice is to be alive, to be free to enjoy tooth-brushing.” Don’t allow yourself to be a slave of the past or the future. This practice is the practice of freedom. And if freedom is there, you will enjoy brushing your teeth. Resist the tendency to be carried away by your thoughts and fears.

    It’s interesting that in the United States you call it the restroom; do you feel restful in your restroom? In France, they used to call it la cabine d’aisance. Aisance means ease; you feel at ease, you feel comfortable. So when you go to the restroom, feel at ease with it, enjoy your time in the restroom. That’s my practice. When I urinate, I allow myself to be entirely with the act of urinating. If you have freedom, then urinating is very pleasant. You allow yourself to invest 100 percent of your body and mind into the act of urinating. It can free you. It can be joyful.

    When you drive to and from work, instead of thinking of your destination, enjoy every moment of driving.

    Before I begin my work of teaching, I do not bother myself with the question, “What will my friends ask and how shall I answer?” I do not bother myself with this question at all. From my room to the place where I teach, I enjoy every step and I live each moment of my walk deeply. When I arrive, I feel fresh and ready to offer my answers to questions. It is possible to enjoy mindful living during every moment of daily life.” (Compiled and edited by Mcleod, Melvin. (2012) The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh. Boston, MA: Shambhala Publications, Inc. pp. 32-35.)

    The book even has a “Mindfulness of Breath” chapter that sounds similar to what you said about how breathing can bring oneself to the now moment. I thought this part particularly elaborated well on one way breathing can result in more mindfulness:

    “Try to breath this way when you experience joy. For example, when you are looking at a sunset and are in contact with the beauty of nature, practice mindful breathing. Touch deeply the beauty that is before you. I am breathing in –what happiness! I am breathing out –the sunset is lovely! Continue that way for a few minutes. Getting in touch with the beauty of nature makes life much more beautiful, much more real, and the more mindful and concentrated you are, the more deeply the sunset will reveal itself to you. Your happiness is multiplied by ten, by twenty.” (Compiled and edited by Mcleod, Melvin. (2012) The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh. Boston, MA: Shambhala Publications, Inc. pp. 23-24.)

    Anyway, one of the parts of your episode that was especially illuminating for me was when you explained how even though there are going to be journeys in life we don’t enjoy, those journeys can still be the arenas to see our potential. That is very powerful guidance from you because looking at unpleasant journeys that way can instantly help people “get through” them and maybe even be happy while doing so.

    Some of my other favorite parts of your episode are when you said how, even if we made a bunch of mistakes in the past, today is a new day, a new journey, with new potential ahead, and when you recommended to quit thinking about things or life so much. I’ve definitely had a tendency to impose too much guilt on myself for past mistakes and worrying a lot, so if I start following your advice, I’m going to feel a lot happier 🙂

    But really, the whole episode was a truly amazing JOURNEY for me 😉 so thank you for that.

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m glad that the idea of journey has resonated with you. It really has with me as well. The idea of transcripts is a good idea, and hopefully something that I can do in the future. Welcome to the podcast!