#017 – My Challenge to You: Unplugging from Technology [Podcast]

I challenge you … “double dog dare you” as we say in the good old Southern USA … to take one day this week and make a break from your technology. Will you accept my challenge?

unplugging from technology

unplugging from technology

We’re all addicted to tech. After long work days with eyes glued to glowing computer screens, dazed workers across the country depart office buildings with smart phones or iPods in hand. They return home and trade in one device for another, turning on the TV and Xbox 360, booting up a computer, or switching on their iPads. According to a survey of more than 1,200 American adults, over thirty percent of us spend more than seven hours a day on electronic screens.

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“Unplugging from Technology” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Being TOO dependent on technology
  • Internet/technology addiction?
  • What research tells us of how bad it is …
  • My challenge to you!
  • 8 Action Steps to Bring Balance to Technology & Take a Tech Fast
      1. Monitor (And Restrict) Time Spent Online
      2. Turn Off Pop-Ups Or Push Notifications
      3. Auto-Archive Emails
      4. Check Your Phone Intermittently
      5. Log Out Of Social Networking Sites
      6. Buy A Productivity App That Kicks You Offline
      7. Disconnect Facebook And Twitter From Your Mobile Device
      8. Get Creative With Your Time (Tech Fasting specific)

“Unplugging from Technology” Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:

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