Strategies & Tips for More Efficient Studying

Are you attempting to learn something new?  Want to help your children learn better practices for learning?


In this article, I want to share with you six tips for more efficient studying and learning. This can apply to your children, as well as your job. If you are attempting to learn something new, this article will give some tips to better enable that process.  If you know of someone learning something, pass along these tips to them.

#003 – The Battle Between the Compass and the Clock – Why Direction is More Important than Speed [Podcast]

There is a continual battle in our lives for time … between the best and the good … between the journey and the destination … between where you are heading and how fast you are going.

compassIn this episode of First Things I share on the battle between the Compass and the Clock.

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BE – Learning to Live in the NOW Versus the Past/Future

How can we live in the NOW? We live in a world that is never content.  It is a world that shoves before us a message of “should” and “ought.”  But we will never live a productive life … a healthy life … as long as we “should” on ourselves.

beWhy do we find it so hard to just BE.  We are not meant to be Human DOings … but Human BEings.  In this post, I want to give 5 things you can implement to start BEing.

I find in my life that I can focus a lot on things I am not.  As though I were.  And the things I am, I forget.  Majoring on minors.  But I am determined to not accept labels of myself any longer.  To not limit myself, nor base my identity on my performance.

How about you?

#002 – Stinkin’ Thinkin’ … How your thoughts affect your productivity more than you know. [Podcast]

We all do it … everyday we have inner conversations with ourselves.  We are constantly thinking, and some of these thoughts may be thwart us, or stir us toward greater potential.

By recognizing “stinkin’ thinkin” and applying some tools in this podcast, you can begin tackling this smelly issue of the mind.

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#001 – Introduction to First Things [Podcast]

In this episode of First Things, I introduce the purpose and passion behind the Podcast.


This episode is shorter than other Podcasts since just a general introduction.  But I do share some interesting perspectives on how seeing every person as your teacher provides a richer experience of life.

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Welcome to First Things!

Welcome to First Things!  In this blog, I want to lay out more of the vision behind this website and podcast.


People today are under a great deal of stress.  And so many times, we are pushed to just be more dedicated … to cram more things on our “To Do List.”  Even technology, which was proposed to free our lives, seems to enslave us.  This blog is here to share with you strategies that DO work, strategies based on modern research.