#003 – The Battle Between the Compass and the Clock – Why Direction is More Important than Speed [Podcast]

There is a continual battle in our lives for time … between the best and the good … between the journey and the destination … between where you are heading and how fast you are going.

compassIn this episode of First Things I share on the battle between the Compass and the Clock.

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In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • The constant battle for our time
  • The four quadrants to determine importance
  • The clock vs the compass
  • The Atrophy Effect
  • The Superman Effect

I also share 7 Action Steps you can put into place to not ignore the compass in your life:

  1. Determine your First Things – 2 Tips that help me drill down to discover my “First Things”
  2. Learn to say “No”
  3. Turn off technology
  4. Take off one day a week
  5. Embrace relationships
  6. Asking “Am I doing the right things?” before you ask “Am I doing things right?”
  7. Reflect on your life, and book your own time

Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:


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