#087 – Attraction Laws (Like Switch Pt 9) [Podcast]

We can implement certain “attraction laws” into place that will better enable deeper friendships.  Last week, we discussed one such law … the law of similarity.

Attraction Laws

Attraction Laws

This week, we look into the various attraction laws and how to practically implement them into our lives.

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“Attraction Laws” Show Notes

  • Law of Reciprocity: When you do things for others (even a simple smile), they will feel the need to reciprocate.
  • Law of Self-Disclosure:  When you voluntarily give out personal information about yourself, it opens up depth into your relationships (but be careful of revealing too much too soon).
  • Law of Personal Attractiveness:  Yes, in general, people like to be around people they feel are attractive and nice to look at.  But don’t fear if you don’t think this has more to do with looks you were born with.  Research shows that matters such as eye contact, posture, smiling, how you dress, self-esteem … are HUGE impactors of attractiveness to others.
  • Law of Humor: Lighten up!!!  Don’t try to be a comedian if you aren’t … but quit taking life so serious. Find humor in life, even if through your own mistakes … and be willing to share that with others.
  • Law of Self-Esteem:  To people with high self-esteem, rejection is just expected in life.  It is never a reflection of their worth.  Believe in yourself.  And in turn, people will believe in you.
  • Law of Scarcity:  A strange thing about people is they tend to go crazy for things that are not easily obtainable to them.  So as you build relationships, occasionally don’t make it easy for the other person to see or find you.
  • Law of Personality:  By knowing aspects of extroverts vs introverts, you will be at a tremendous advantage on how to deal with the other person … not to mention avoiding frustration on your part should the other person be opposite of you.

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