Baby Steps: Dream Big, Step Small for Amazing Productivity

Babies are very interesting to watch.  Especially as they begin to walk.  Small steps … baby steps in the midst of constant failure.  I find it funny that as we grow older, we forget some of the most fundamental lessons we learned growing up … like walking.

baby steps

Baby steps are the key to ultimate success

Let’s briefly review how to help encourage a baby to walk, and see how some of the same principles can apply to us in our lives.

I recently found an article on 10 ways to help your baby learn to walk:

  • Don’t Use a Walker – It can serve as a distraction for them to know they can support themselves, or it takes them longer to make the connection between stepping and moving forward.
  • Try a Jumper –  If used sparingly, this can encourage leg strength and that when they move a certain way their body moves forward.  But if used too much, it can thwart walking.
  • Encourage Strong Back Muscles – We often think that leg muscles are the most important for walking, but actually our back muscles are (pull a back muscle, and you’ll know exactly what I mean here).  Funny enough, a baby on their stomach (versus a walker) does develop these quickly.
  • Practice Muscle Control While Sitting – Sitting and reaching for things builds coordination and muscle control that will ultimately help with walking.
  • Practice Coordination While Crawling – Crawling helps a baby learn to use their legs and arms at the same time.  When they add reaching for things at the same time, this can accelerate the process.
  • Encourage Independence – A child must “dream” of something bigger than themselves, and have confidence in their own abilities. If you don’t give them this opportunity or give them the chance to fail, they will never progress.
  • Go Barefoot – Cute socks and shoes can often make matters worse.  Simply letting your baby walk barefoot enables faster growth toward walking.
  • Provide Soft Surfaces – Failure is initially expected.  It is part of the progress. Providing them environments where they can fall makes it less stressful.
  • Practice Pulling Up – Babies love to pull up on things. This helps them learn to bend their knees which helps in walking.
  • Let Baby Push Something – This helps in balancing as their experience the sensation of moving forward.

Baby Steps for All of Us …

So, how can we apply this to our lives and productivity?  Let me illustrate with each part:

  • Don’t Use a Walker – There are many things that can distract us from overcoming negative habits, productivity, or learning something new. If you find you aren’t progressing in “walking”, do you have something in your life you think “helps” you but actually distracts you?
  • Try a Jumper –  What are things they help motivate you? A podcast, a good book, a walk, friends, … find those things that encourage you toward productivity and efficiency.  Jump start your walking with them!
  • Encourage Strong Back Muscles – Our “back muscles” … our “first things” … our “true north” are more important to walking than we realize.  Have you found what your true north is?  I have a recent podcast on this subject.
  • Practice Muscle Control While Sitting – Just because you are sitting, there are things you can do, things you can “reach for” to strengthen your vision and dreams. Don’t wait until “tomorrow” … do something today!
  • Practice Coordination While Crawling – We all know the saying, “You have to crawl before you walk.” Don’t worry about how you are doing something as long as you are doing something. Start moving toward your goal, and any progress is PROGRESS.
  • Encourage Independence – Dream … dream big … dream often … believe in something bigger than yourself … BE.
  • Go Barefoot – You don’t need another app, a better computer, expensive training … the universe is available right in front of us for free, if we just have eyes to see and ears to hear.
  • Provide Soft Surfaces – Failure is a part of learning.  Don’t beat up on yourself if you fall.  Focus on your dream, not your failure.  Failures just help you see what didn’t work, not that it won’t ever work.
  • Practice Pulling Up – We have all heard this before, but the most important part of failing … getting back up.
  • Let Baby Push Something – If you follow these steps, at some point, you will move forward.  Celebrate this!  This is a great day!  You still may not be walking, but you are one step closer!

Where are you today?

Have you lost your passion and dream?  If so, it is time to dream again.

Have you fallen for the 100th time in your pursuit of your dream?  Get back up!  The adventure is in the journey, and enjoy this process … while knowing it very well could be the 101’th step which sees success.  But … as long as you get up and keep going, you’ve already succeeded.

Have you moved forward … even an inch?  Congratulations!  You may feel you are still a million miles from where you want to be, but as we all know, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Take your “baby steps” today … start moving toward your dreams, your potential, your passions … inch by inch, step by step.

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