#019 – Why We Procrastinate (The Now Habit Pt 2) [Podcast]

Have you ever thought about why we procrastinate? What is behind this? What is the motivation? Is it just a matter about us being lazy … or is there something more than that happening?


Many of us use our performance as “mirrors”.  Instead of them being an expression of who we are … an expression of our creativity … they become something we use to measure our worth. This is the fuel for procrastination. In this episode, we talk about the various reasons why we procrastinate.

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“Why We Procrastinate” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Review of last week
  • Our main problem is …
  • 6 warning signs of procrastination
  • Character defect … or release valve?
  • Procrastinating is rewarding
  • Perfectionistic demands lead to → fear of failure → PROCRASTINATION → self-criticism → anxiety and depression → loss of confidence → greater fear of failure which leads to → stronger need to use PROCRASTINATION as a temporary escape
  • Homework

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